Commander Bonds Current Topics

If 1st District Commander Bond wasn’t able to attend your Post or County’s last meeting, here are his current topics…

  • Take note of legionnaires that have not yet paid.  This number is too large at this point in the membership drive year.  Please take the time to make contact with the members that have not yet renewed and importantly, find out why!
  • National has raised dues for National/State to $35.  Your Post Data Report should be reviewed for accuracy and turned in by the deadline
  • CVSO Information VA Health Care eligibility – March 5th PAC Act – Tell your folks to review changes!  Sign up for eligibility even if you don’t need it at this point. There is a time limit that I can help as I will be retiring from the Walworth County CVSO in 2025.
  • Facebook Groups Wisconsin American Legion 1st District WI American Legion Family Group – have your folks and their spouses join.  Lots of great information
  • Websites and (Sign up for digital dispatch)
  • Sunday May 5th – 1st District Conference at Post 24. Make sure that your post has it’s authorized delegates there.

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