The summaries of some of The American Legion‘s and The American Legion Department of Wisconsin‘s programs and scholarships are listed here to pique your interest. You are encouraged to use the links and do your own research to fully take advantage of them. Many local Posts have programs of their own. Be sure to check them out!

Youth Programs

The following two programs have long lists of famous attendees, including leaders in all fields of study. In short, these are advanced civics programs for high school students. They are an incredible opportunity. Start your research here, and be sure to visit your local American Legion Post as many of them are very kn will help financially.

Badger Boys State

Badger Girls State


Constitutional Speech Contest (Oratoical)

  • Participants in the American Legion Oratorical Contest develop leadership qualities, the ability to think and speak clearly and intelligently, and are better prepared for the acceptance of the duties and responsibilities, for the rights and privileges of American citizenship.
  • Each District winner will receive an Oratory Medal
  • Each Regional participant will receive a $600 scholarship
  • The winner of each Regional contest will receive a $1000 scholarship
  • The Department finalist receive $2000 for first$1500 for second, and $1000 for third
  • National finalist receive $25,000 for first$22,500 for second, and $20,000 for third
  • Each Department (State) winner who is certified into, and participates in the national contest’s 1st round receives a $2,000 scholarship.
  • Those who advance past the 1st round receive an additional $2,000 scholarship.
  • The American Legion’s National Organization awards the scholarships, which can be used at any college or university in the United States.
  • 2023 Department Contest is February 11, 2023

Americanism & Government Scholarship Test 

  • 10th Grade- 11- $250 Scholarships awarded
  • 11th Grade- 11- $300 Scholarships awarded
  • 12th Grade- 11- $750 Scholarships awarded
  • 2023 Test Dates are March 6-17, 2023

Schneider-Emanuel American Legion Scholarship 

  • (Due March 1) Three deserving graduates of any accredited Wisconsin high school will be awarded the sum of $1000 to be applied to the cost of continuing education at any degree granting college or university within the United States of America.

American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund

  • The American Legion wants to ensure higher education is a possibility for children whose parents lost their lives while serving our country. Beginning with the 2017 award year, The American Legion expanded the scholarship to include children of VA-rated, post-9/11 veterans with a combined disability rating of 50 percent or higher. The American Legion and the Legion Riders offer support through the Legacy Scholarship Fund.

American Legion Baseball Scholarship

  • Any team manager or head coach of an American Legion (post-affiliated) team may nominate a graduating senior who plays on a Wisconsin American Legion team. Deadline: July 15 of each year.

Eagle Scout of the Year 

  • (Due March 1) The winner is eligible to receive a $10,000 scholarship to be awarded over a four-year period.

Samsung Scholarship

  • Samsung, a worldwide leader in electronics, endowed a scholarship fund of five million dollars to be administered by The American Legion. The endowment was made to show appreciation to U.S. veterans who came to the aid of Korea during its struggle against communist forces during the Korean War.

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